Both the Flat Rate Metal website and mobile application provide an interface where users can order roofing materials. Behind this interface is a complex system designed to fulfill the orders customers submit. Flat Rate Metal commits to do its best to fulfill orders within the time and way specified within the order. In some instances Flat Rate Metal may not be able to fulfill the order as specified through the online interface. In these instances a Flat Rate Metal Team member will reach out to the customer to work out any concerns or logistics of submitted orders.


When ordering through the online website or mobile application you agree that quantities and timelines may be subject to change or alteration at the discretion of Flat Rate Metal staff. You agree to be reasonable in your dealings with your Flat Rate Metal.


Orders can be scheduled roughly two weeks in advance on weekdays between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The Order details portion of the website will walk you through this. You can order for same day fulfillment however we reserve a 2-5 hour time frame to prepare your order with some exceptions including reasonably small orders needed quickly.